Ben Sorensen. Life as I know it.

Ben Sorensen is a unique freelance talent that has been informing an entertaining audiences across all mediums in Australia, and now all over the world.

Although Ben is witty, and intelligent - he still is unable to efficiently iron his own shirts.

“The familiar place you’re in right now was previously unknown, till you took the leap of faith to get there.” 

- Ben Sorensen

As you will be able to see form this site, Ben is somewhat eccentric in a most loveable and creative way. Be sure to visit often, and explore the rich and ever changing tapestry that is!

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Welcome to Ben Sorensen’s world... through his eye’s.

Ben’s favourite things:

  1. -Reducing my carbon footprint

  2. -Organic fair-trade coffee

  3. -Sleeping in on rainy days

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REAL Country

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Ben Sorensen chooses to wear hand crafted, 100% Australian made shirts by